Justing Kong was born in Canton, China in 1990. As a child, his parents encouraged him to explore his artistic talents. By the time he was in kindergarten he had covered all the walls of their home in drawings. His earliest dream was to use his artistic vision somehow, so his parents sent him to the best fine arts high school in Canton. 


When Justing was in high school, he was thinking of becoming an animator. He wasn’t really interested in fashion design until he entered collage. After 4 years of fashion study, Justing completed his undergraduate degree at the South China Agricultural University in Canton in 2013. Justing held an exhibition of his design work in Canton at the Litchee Gallery in 2012, as well as at the South China Agricultural University in 2013. Though he was recognized for his design talent, Justing wished to further his academic education. He entered the prestigious Masters Fashion Design program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.


The Academy’s program is quite rigorous and demanding. There he has honed both his creative and technical skills. When designing Justing finds inspiration in a wide range of topics; from nature to scientific phenomenon to haute couture. He loves researching his inspirations in-depth, to truly know their origins and how they were made or came about.  Justing will be graduating in May of 2018. He plans on beginning his professional career in New York and hopes to work for a cutting edge design house, where he will be able to utilize all of his skills and talents to create what we will wear next. 

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